Один Female в United States, , синглы в Florida, Miami Female

Kathyclark: i am looking for the right man...
Ищу: мужчина Возраст 41 в 62
Положение дел: 34 Один Прямо женский
Интерес: Длительные отношения
Внешность: Белый/Европейская
Проживание: Живи сам
Уловка глаз: лодыжек
Высота: 5'5 дюймы
Тело: В среднем
Волосы/Глаза: коричневый, Смешанный цвет
Курение: Ни за что
Напиток: Время от времени
Упражнение Назовите меня ленивым
Политика: консерватор
Образование: Высшее образование
Религия: Кристиан
Доход: Менее 15 000 долларов
Оккупация: Hairstylist
Потомство: Никто
Личность: предприимчивый
Страна: United States
Электронная почта друга: Ваше имя:

I am a nice and attractive girl When I look at myself in the mirror I see a blonde girl with shining hair I have green eyes and a slender figure I like taking care of my body and looking pretty I like wearing highheeled shoes I am very active I often go in for sport I think that I am even uninhibited rather open but I also could be calm and modest I like being with my friends going out together I like to laugh and joke You will always be in a positive mood with me I have a sense of humor I like to study because knowledge is very useful There are many things in my life I like and some I dislike I like when everything is great when I have somebody who loves me and takes care of me Being happy is one way of being wise I want to find a confident and open man my second half and I wish to be happy together I like being caring and tender that is a reason of my profession I am a doctor I want to be a loving wife for my husband and that is all I need


My idea perfect date would be Fun laughter dinner then movie or dinnerlunch then go for a walk on a path or the park But mainly a good time


I have a big heart which means you can trust me and I do not play mind or head games I have faith and Believe that with God everything is Possible I attend to Catholic Church

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