Один Female в United States, , синглы в Florida, Fort Meyers Female

Norlenesapp42: seekingforthrightman...
Ищу: мужчина Возраст 38 в 89
Положение дел: 38 Один Прямо женский
Интерес: Длительные отношения
Внешность: Белый/Европейская
Проживание: Жить с родителями
Уловка глаз: Оружие
Высота: 5'6 дюймы
Тело: Выше среднего
Волосы/Глаза: черный, Другие
Курение: Ни за что
Напиток: Время от времени
Упражнение Иногда
Политика: Никто
Образование: Старшая школа
Религия: Кристиан
Доход: Менее 15 000 долларов
Оккупация: Student
Потомство: 1 ребенок
Личность: предприимчивый
Страна: United States
Электронная почта друга: Ваше имя:

I may describe myself as a cheerful, charming, communicative, goaldetermined person. I am kindhearted and responsive. I may say that I am trustworthy and sincere. I appreciate honesty and sincerity in relations. Im very pretty girl, which want love and be love. If you want the sun to shine every day you should be with me then. I like a good joke, and I enjoy it when I can make someone smile and feel good. I think that truth, trust and honesty create and hold together lasting love! I am a woman who is passionate about life and adventure. I am serious, responsible, with strong morals and values, with a good sense of humor, and a touch of mischief and adventure. If you are with me, you will see all the joys of life.


Im serious and kinds very opened to the people and always try to help them. Caring and balanced woman. I just need the man in my love with will understand me and will care about our future family. Kind and loving person. The one thing, about what I dream is a family, my own family. Id like to create it with my special man. Id like to give all warmth of my heart, all my care and love to my family. Im kindhearted person, who is ready to help in any hard situation. Im sure that Ill become a good wife.


I will like to entertain you at my house if we are ready to feel each others pain, I will make you some delicious food, we will also have some nice wine.. When it gets dark, I will light up my candles and will want to talk and gaze at you in the flickering lights. I will want to gradually rub and caress you.Yes, you and I to make that passion ignite where two of our spirit soar and collide throughout the horizon and universe together,where two souls shall become one.. We will also go out to the movies and go to night beach where we can have some real fun and enjoy the breeze as well.

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