Один Female в United States, , синглы в Florida, Miami Female

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Ищу: мужчина Возраст 43 в 80
Положение дел: 37 Один Прямо женский
Интерес: Длительные отношения
Внешность: Белый/Европейская
Проживание: Живи сам
Уловка глаз: приклад
Высота: 5'6 дюймы
Тело: В среднем
Волосы/Глаза: Блондинка, синий
Курение: Ни за что
Напиток: Никогда не трогайте его
Упражнение 2 раза в неделю
Политика: Ультра консервативный
Образование: Некоторые средней школы
Религия: Кристиан
Доход: Менее 15 000 долларов
Оккупация: Nurse
Потомство: Никто
Личность: Застенчивый
Страна: United States
Электронная почта друга: Ваше имя:

I am mature and serious lady for my young age. But I need older man to create happy marriage. My culture and traditions taught me how to care about man! For me man is my goal in life. I want to create loving relationship. You and me will care and love each other. I am truthful and reliable woman and I will be a support for my future man in life till the end. I will always support my future husband and help him in his needs. I am a onemanwoman and I need such man. I want to be a team with my husband and win in all life situations together. The loving team, partnership and understanding each other it is my goal in marriage.


Im looking for someone to trust in, somebody cheerful and sensual, with passionate heart and deep soul someone who will love me for who I am. But also, I need a selfreliant man. I want to feel a man next to me. A man, that will solve any problem that can arise in our life. My wall. My reliance. My love.


I look for a man who is ready to be loved, cared and cherished by loving. I would like to meet a person who is selfconfident, who feels “accomplished”, “selfactualized” in life, and who has a positive outlook on life. A kind, goodnatured, responsible, manly and yet tender, educated and active man. I cant tell every side of character that I want for my future partner because I understand that every person is unique and special and its impossible to meet someone who is the copy of another one. So, I just want my man to be active, enjoy interesting life, love to travel, learn new things and being ready for serious relations and taking care about his woman.

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